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The “Gran Familia” Company


Okawa Screw Manufacturing Co. has a business philosophy for the future that bears a strikingly Mexican name — “Gran Familia.” Katayama Osamu profiles the “grand family.”

Okawa Screw Manufacturing Co. was founded in 1934. It started as a small screw-processing factory run by an individual manager and dealt in small parts, including television switch bearings. After commencing a business relationship with Nissan Motor Corp., the company began dealing in car parts.

※Okawa Naoki, president of Okawa Screw Manufacturing Co.

In 1964, Okawa Screw Manufacturing took a significant leap forward by introducing the Parts Former specialized cold forming technology machine.

President Okawa Naoki says, “Our company introduced the Parts Former for the first time in Japan. My grandfather, the second-generation president of the company, made the decision to do so. He suddenly purchased a machine that cost ten times as much as his company’s monthly turnover at that time, almost as much as its annual turnover, although he did not have any business prospects. It was a major risk, but it constitutes the core technology of what is now Okawa Screw Manufacturing Co.”

Cold forming using the Parts Former enabled the company to mass-produce parts that had previously been manufactured by cutting. This led the company to take a significant leap forward. In addition, the manufacturer also accumulated cold forming technology and expertise in it and learned to produce more complex-shaped parts by cold forming.